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What we Offer?

For your Open Source IT & IP Solutions
We are an Open Source Solutions Provider, our strong presence in the industry has leveraged us in providing customers cost effective solutions. Savings on hardware & software, hence reducing annual IT budget drastically. We provide professional consultancy, development, services and migration towards Open Source. Our clients range from small to medium as well as MNC and Major Corporations throughout the region.


Are you Paying Too Much?
With smaRtPBX you maximize system features, maximize system functionality, maximize user mobility and ultimately maximize your savings. Being an Open Source Provider, enables us to provide you solutions with General User Licensing. Further to it in actual deployment, smaRtPBX seamlessly interoperates with your current data network – thus avoiding costly network upgrades, while offering a low total cost of ownership.

Growing with your Business

We have designed the smaRtPBX such that it grows as your business grows. Gone are the days of replacing your phone system when the system has reached its maximum number of extensions. With smartPBX you can continue to add the system capacity as your business demands increase, including powerful multi-site, remote employee and distributed office capabilities.

Protecting your Investment

Proprietary hardware-based phone systems (which most phone systems still are today, including many VoIP phone systems) depreciate over time & controlled by Licensing. The key advantage of smaRtPBX is that we don’t limit and take control over feature & user license.

With smaRtPBX, new phone features are continually made available via software updates. With smaRtPBX your phone system is constantly renewed. Not only is your investment protected, your smaRtPBX phone system will actually appreciate over time with new and improved functionality.



How do you Select?
Selecting a phone system has become complex with the number of box providers today. All Product principals are providing telephony system on Licensing control. smaRtPBX is the ONLY solution provider, providing all users with General User Licencing & Certified by Digium. SITA Multimedia’s smaRtPBX phone systems provides a communications foundation designed to improve the way you communicate today, with the flexibility to easily add more advanced capabilities as your business needs change on LINUX Kernel OS.


Benefits of SITA Multimedia’s smaRtPBX Technology
1. General User Licensing.
2. Concurrent support for legacy analog telephones and newer VoIP phones.
3. Easier Extension and multi-site administration.
4. More features and information available on VoIP phones vs traditional phones
5. Consolidated infrastructure requirements resulting from the use of existing
data networks.
6. Unified corporate appearance over multiple locations.
7. Reduced long distance toll charges through Voice over IP trunking.

The introduction of the smaRtPBX system demonstrates SITA’s ongoing commitment to creating innovative and cost-effective communication solutions for our Small and Medium Size business customers. For cost-conscious SMBs, the enterprise-class productivity tools, simplicity and affordability of the smaRtPBX deliver a compelling return on investment (ROI) and finally make it easy for SMBs to take advantage of VoIP.