Our Path to Perfection

1993 - 1995

Structure Cabling

SI and Internet

1995 - 2000

Provide Outsourcing Services to IBM, HP, SCM, CIMB ETC.

IBMS Tenancy Billing System

2000 - 2005

Transition to Open Source Technology (VLC)

2006 - Present

Fully Committed to Open Source Technology in term of Supply, Services, Development, Asterisk, ERP, HR, Security, NMS, DMS & Virtualization.

We provide total robust and cost effective converged solutions

  • We maximize your investment
  • We maximize your system functionality
  • We maximize your system flexibility
  • We minize your investment cost
  • We don't limit users based on per user licensing
  • We don't limit features based on licensing
  • We don't have annual licensing renewal

Our Partners