Call Center Solution

Call Center, or in Sita’s term smaRtPBX-CC, is a customizable Open Source call center software solution, typically handles customer service, support, telemarketing, telesales and collection functions. smaRtPBX-CC is designed to let busiensses and enterprises, including SME and SMB alike, manage at best agents, queue, PBX extensions and more. Agents can login to their queues, manage multiple status and perform different tasks, according to their assigned skills.


Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

A specialised phone system that routes or distributes incoming calls to teams of agents assigned to various call queues. It oversees the process of placing incoming calls into the proper queue, assigning priority to those calls based on the order of arrival, importance of caller, urgency of the call etc, and ultimately dispatching the calls to an available agent.


A visual communication tool to display real time information related to call center performance, including calls picked up by each agent, call duration of each call, answered/success calls, held calls, abandoned calls, average holdig time, agent idling time to name a few.

Call Center Solution

Predictive Dialer

Rather than placing calls on a one-agent-to-one-call basis, predictive dialer places more calls than there are agents available, and carefully monitor the average handle time for each agent and attempt to predict when an agent will become available. It will also eliminate calls answered by answering or fax machines. This will enhance the success rate of the agents talking to a person

Automated Attendant

Simply a menu system that prompt callers to indicate their preference using the keys on their phone. It is useful to provide self-service kind of functionality to call center phone systems, and eliminate calls to call center agents so that the latter will be assigned with more important calls.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR collects simple information/data provided by callers through key presses and feeds the information/data to the ACD to help it route the call appriopriately. IVR can be multi-levels, which will guide callers through a series of decisions to be made by the callers in order to have their calls routed to the right announcements, another IVR selection, or call agents.

Call Recording

Relatively important function for call center busienss setup to record calls made and received by call agents. In some cases, it's also called call logging. A call recording system handles the process of capturing the audio track from all participants in the call, mixing it, storing it and producing an index that allows system admin or regulators to locate and review recording. For call center businesses providing certain services related to financial, insurance, banking etc, it is a mandatory request from regulator.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Customer Relationship Management system to enrich the experience of the latter by providing one-click-call, pop-up window related to the customers or prospects when receiving/making calls. Generally, such integration is referred to as "Computer-Telephony Integration" or in short CTI.


Reports in graphical format or can be exported to files for further manage.

Desktop Agents

Agents can be configured as permanent or dynamic agents, local or remote agents, depending on business requirements.