Sangoma Vega 200G Digital Gateways

Vega VoIP digital gateways are small appliances that seamlessly connect your legacy telephony infrastructure, made up of PRI (T1/E1) or BRI lines, to IP networks.


They are great for businesses with legacy phone equipment (such as a TDM Phone Systems) who want to connect to SIP trunking services without having to spend money altering their current network infrastructure. They are also great for businesses that are already VoIP-enabled at the core (with an IP PBX) that need PSTN connectivity and require a SIP-to-TDM converter.  

Simply place the Vega VoIP digital gateway at the edge of your network, plug in your existing internet cable for VoIP connectivity and E1/T1 or BRI cables from your phone system, and let the Vega VoIP digital gateway automatically handle the SIP signaling and voice media conversion for seamless voice and T.38 Fax integration.

The Vega 200G digital VoIP gateway is available in:

  •   2-Port T1/E1/PRI for up to 60 Simultaneous Calls

Gateway Applications

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SIP Trunking

Businesses with legacy phone systems can install a Vega gateway to seamlessly connect to VoIP services or a SIP trunk and eliminate the PSTN connection.

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PSTN Trunking

Businesses already IP at the core can install Vega gateways to connect to the PSTN for failover.

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Office Survivability

Guarantee operation of your branch offices during power or Internet failure. Vega gateways automatically reroute calls to failover dial plan and PSTN lines.


Remote Connectivity

Connect legacy phone systems to remote sites over private VoIP links.

Gateway Features

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Simplified Deployment

All Vega gateways have a Quick Wizard to quickly and easily deploy, eliminating the need of IT admin and complicated setup process.

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Built-In Local Survivability

In the event of a VoIP failure, the Vega gateway will allow internal extensions to continue calling each other and automatically route to a failover PSTN connection if available.

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Highly Interoperable

All Vega gateways support the standard VoIP/SIP protocol and have built-in transcoding, so you can trust that your phone calls and faxes will work even in challenging environments.

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Remote management providing support functions for auto-configuration, software or firmware image management, software module management, status and performance managements, and diagnostics.

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Field Upgradable

Firmware updates can be performed remotely through a web-based GUI.

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Flexible Routing

Advanced flexible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing.

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Advanced Troubleshooting

Built-in call tracing and debugging utilities.

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Support for TLS and SRTP.

Gateway Specifications

VoIP Interface

SIP Fax support – up to G3 FAX, using T.38 Modem support – up to V.90, using G.711 VoIP channel support: 60
Audio Codecs: G.711 (a-law/µ-law) (64 kbps) G.729a (8kbps) G.723.1 (5.3/6.4 kbps) G.726

Telephony Interface

2 x RJ-45 licensed
T1/E1 ports

LAN Interface

2x RJ-45, 1000BaseT / 100BaseTx / 10BaseT, full / half duplex